Trash Hero Water Bottle Re-fill Scheme

What’s better than picking up trash from beautiful places? Making sure that it doesn’t end up on a beach (or anywhere else) in the first place!

What’s the idea? The Trash Hero Bottles program aims to substantially reduce the amount of plastic bottles and bags that end up on the beaches, in the sea, and in our communities by providing reusable replacements which not only benefit the environment, but also consumers and businesses.

How do the water bottles work? Trash Hero sells stainless steel water bottles to local businesses (in Thailand for 100 baht, at no profit to Trash Hero). Local businesses can then sell those bottles to customers – but only if the local business agrees to have a refill station that provides anyone with a Trash Hero water bottle, no matter where the bottle was purchased, with unlimited free drinking water.

What are the benefits of the Bottles program? The environment benefits because less plastic is consumed, and thus less plastic thrown away. Businesses benefit because they have an environmentally responsible product to offer their customers, while still making a profit. The bottles also give customers a reason to visit participating businesses, to purchase reusable bottles, or to refill the water bottles. And consumers benefit by having an environmentally responsible choice available, and a product that can be used over and over again. The cost of the water bottle itself can be recovered after only 10 refills! It’s win, win, win!

Find places offering the bottles and refills on Koh Phangan and in all of Thailand by clicking on the map-link:

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