About Us

We are a group of people who live on the island and realise that you can’t just keep taking from a place. It’s also important to give something back, otherwise very quickly there will be nothing left to take!

Whether you live here or are just visiting, keeping the island clean is to everyone’s benefit.

Tourists come to Koh Phangan for it’s beautiful beaches and jungle.

As tourists you will enjoy your stay more if you don’t see rubbish everywhere and are more likely to return to a clean place than a dirty place.

Business owners (fishermen, farmers, restaurant owners, hotel owners) lose business if tourists don’t come back because the beaches & island aren’t clean. Dirty beach put off tourists from returning.  Keeping all the beaches clean is important  and this is why we should try to work together to make this happen.

Our Partners

Green Cross Beach started 10 years ago in Haad Rin to help clean up the beach after the full moon parties.

Tommy Resort and Mr Noi were big supporters who brought us to the attention of Mr Yea the Mayor or Haad Rin who became our biggest benefactor and supporter.  This realisation that something had to be done about the rubbish on the beaches resulted in the Haad Rin business association collecting 100THB from party goers and a full time clean up team being set up and a beach cleaning machine being purchased from Germany to collect broken glass from the sand.

Other notable supporters were Beach volleyball Thailand, Ciara O’Flaherty, PaFi Anderson, Tammy Phangan and Pino Pizzarea who all helped keep Green Cross Beach pushing forward.

And while the struggle to keep Phangan truly an eco-friendly island is still in motion there have been some considerable gains over the years.

We work closely with Trash Hero who operate in many countries cleaning and educating people on the importance of sustainability. http://trashhero.org

Local Thai organisations we work with include the Phangan Shakehand Group and CBFCM (https://www.facebook.com/cbfcm.phangan.1) who work hard on recycling and sustainability initiatives on the island.

About You

You are here on the island and want to give  something back to the place you have enjoyed so much or maybe just a bit bored and want to do something different and meet new people. Get in touch and see where it leads you……

If you have a beach resort and care about your beach get in touch, we will list you as a supporter and meet up at your resort so more people know about your good work.