Green Cross Beach Clean

Hello and thank you for taking your first step (or maybe another step!) towards helping to keep Koh Phangan beautiful.

We are a group of people dedicated to raising environmental awareness on the island and to do our part in keeping its beaches clean.

On this site you will find information on how to get involved in beach cleans and other ways to help keep Koh Phangan beautiful – so we can all continue to enjoy it for many more years to come.

You can also use the “find a beach clean” page to organise your own beach clean and we will help you to promote it.

About Us & You

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Do Your Bit to help

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Do What You Can!

We all have a responsibility to the natural environment.  IT IS WHAT KEEPS US ALIVE!  If you don’t think living is important, then sure do nothing.

If you think life and quality of life are important, then do something with a purpose and that helps others and you will find you feel much better for it.

You might even start to notice your life start to get better as well.

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